Outsource to focus on your core activities

Outsourcing allows companies to focus their attention on their core business and receive the best expertise for ancillary services. Customers who decide to outsource their transportation activity can expect to see multiple benefits.

An offer adapted to your challenges


To help you switch to outsourcing your transportation, the Mauffrey Group is happy to carry out a personalized assessment of your needs in the form of a logistics audit and analysis of your current logistics set-up.

A multidisciplinary project team (HR, legal, technical, etc.) will offer you a solution adapted to your logistical requirements and workforce management (article L1224-1, transfer agreement, etc.). You will then receive support as we move you over to the most suitable solution.


The benefits of successful outsourcing


Less HR administration (management of absenteeism, work-related illnesses, holidays, training days, etc.), freeing up finance for your strategic investments… by outsourcing your transportation, you can focus on your core business.

The Mauffrey Group will meet your needs and offer you a flexible tailored solution. As part of the service, we provide:

  • An operator dedicated to your account: your main point of contact for assistance and advice for the duration of your contract,
  • Drivers trained in the specific requirements of the sector or industry, with whom you can build a real relationship based on trust,
  • Vehicles perfectly suited to the specific characteristics of your cargo which can be liveried in your brand colours,
  • Relay vehicles and replacement drivers to guarantee continuity of service,

The option to take over the fleet or invest in new equipment to meet decarbonization targets related to LEZs (Low Emission Zones).

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