“At first, it was just a small business to support my family.

And today, it’s grown into a large group that supports thousands of families in France and other parts of Europe.”


Maurice Mauffrey

A family history that has lasted for nearly 60 years


The construction of the Mauffrey Group has been a family affair since 1964, which was initiated by Maurice Mauffrey , a logger at the start of his career. From longshoreman, he became road haulier, almost 10 years after buying his first truck. This is how the adventure of the Mauffrey family in the Vosges began: more than half a century of history and development which has led the Mauffrey Group to build up solid experience in the sectors of transport and logistics.


The Mauffrey Group was built on altruistic values that pushed it to develop while taking into account the social, societal and environmental issues of the time.

Key events in the history of the Mauffrey Group

Siège du Groupe Mauffrey sous la neige - historique Camion GAZ du Groupe Mauffrey devant une forêt vosgienne Engagements de la Fondation Mauffrey auprès des étudiants avec le versements de bourses d'études Photo du Premier camion porteur électrique en France pour le Groupe Maufffrey spécialiste du transport et de la logistique



Mauffrey buys its first Berliet truck

Houot sawmill in Gérardmer, one of Maurice Mauffrey’s first customers, wanted to transport its timber to Paris. This opportunity prompted Maurice Mauffrey to find customers looking to transport goods back from Paris to Vosges. So he bought a new Berliet truck soon followed by more new trucks and hired his first employees.


First Parisian subsidiary and further growth

Now with more than a hundred employees and under the helm of Dominique Mauffrey, the eldest of Maurice’s four sons, the company found new momentum. In 1980, a satellite office was opened in Paris and an agency in Garonor (large economic hub in the north of the Paris regions). Takeovers of companies would follow as well as the creation of further subsidiaries and so more jobs too.

Siège du Groupe Mauffrey sous la neige - historique


Holding Financière Mauffrey: administrative and operational activities separated

The Mauffrey Group continued its development throughout France both in terms of business (development in exceptional transport, delivery of long timber and housing modules, etc.) and in terms of employees: it had over 500 by 1991.

The senior management took the decision to separate administrative and operating activities. The Mauffrey family decided to establish the holding company in the Vosges in order to preserve the company’s roots as well as continue to participate in the influence of the department.


ISO 9001 certification

To improve its quality of service, Mauffrey began the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification, which it received in 1995. Based on the principle of guaranteed quality so that an organization can elicit trust in its capacity to deliver, the ISO 9001 standard opened up many opportunities for the Group which updated and improved its procedures for its customers and also its employees.


Creation of Trans-Formation

In constant change, the transport sector prompted the Mauffrey Group to consider the professionalization of its employees in an effort to support them through these changes.
The Trans-Formation training centre thus opened its doors with Eric Mauffrey in charge. Now one of the most recognized training centres in France, Trans-Formation enjoys an excellent reputation with a pass rate for the Professional Road Driver Test of around 98%.


Vehicles equipped with an on-board computing system

The 2000s heralded the arrival of new technology to boost communications (mobile phones, laptops and so forth).
In 2004, on-board computing first made its appearance in the cabs of Mauffrey trucks. The ability to track journeys and analyze driving-related data has enabled the Mauffrey Group to constantly strive to improve its service to customers and its eco-driving credentials.

Camion GAZ du Groupe Mauffrey devant une forêt vosgienne


First CNG truck

Since the 2000s, the Mauffrey Group has devoted efforts to helping the environment. To bring best practices onboard, in 2008 it drew up an Environmental Preservation Plan (EPP). The main focus of this EPP is to reduce CO2 consumption and therefore emissions.
In 2012, the Group acquired its first CNG truck, a 330-hp tractor, which was also the first to drive on French roads.


CO2 label

Thanks to its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, in 2016 the Mauffrey Group was awarded the CO2 Objective Label by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). This label recognizes efforts made by green-minded haulage companies to improve its environmental performance.

Engagements de la Fondation Mauffrey auprès des étudiants avec le versements de bourses d'études


Creation of the Mauffrey Foundation

To uphold the Mauffrey Group’s core values and be a vector for social cohesion both for employees and people outside the company, Dominique Mauffrey created a corporate foundation. In the spirit of solidarity, all employees of the Mauffrey Group were asked which causes they wanted to support. The only foundation established by a haulage company, the Mauffrey Foundation offers grants in the fields of health and education allocated several times a year.


Creation of MAFF

In 2017, the Mauffrey Group, with more than 2,000 employees and continuing its commitment to the environment, invested more in green transportation such as waterway and rail. It created a new dedicated subsidiary: MAFF (Mauffrey Affrètement Ferroviaire et Fluvial: Mauffrey Rail and River Chartering), furthering its European reach initiated in the 2000s.


First Mauffrey refuelling station

The Mauffrey Group’s first private gas station opened in March 2020. This first station provided a refuelling service for the Group’s gas vehicles and confirmed its commitment to embracing green technology.

Photo du Premier camion porteur électrique en France pour le Groupe Maufffrey spécialiste du transport et de la logistique


The Group acquired its first electric carrier

As a pioneer haulage company in alternative energies, the Mauffrey Group acquired the first electric carrier in France, equipped with second-generation batteries. By diversifying its fleet of gas, biogas and electric vehicles, Mauffrey asserted its duty to becoming a responsible transport company.


The Mauffrey Academy

Nearly 25 years after Trans-Formation was founded, the Mauffrey Group is launching a new ambitious and innovative project: a campus offering vocational training for all and continuing education for Group employees, to be named the Mauffrey Academy. Designed to fit in with the surrounding ecosystem, the facility will be equipped with a green roof and photovoltaic panels to allow partial energy independence.
With capacity to train 1,600 people a year, the Academy will offer numerous training courses for mechanics, drivers and employees.

“more than half a century of history and growth that has allowed the Mauffrey Group to build solid experience in the transport and logistics sectors”

The Mauffrey Group in 2021

Today, the Mauffrey Group has more than 4,000 employees working across over 50 sites. Despite the company’s significant expansion over the last few decades, the Mauffrey Group continues to uphold and pass on to its employees and customers the core values that have contributed to its success: meticulousness, trust, dedication and family.

Our values