Since it was established in 1964, the Mauffrey Group has gone from strength to strength by building on its core values of trust, dedication, meticulousness and family.


To be a long-term partner to its customers, the Mauffrey Group is committed to ensuring that these values are upheld and adopted by every employee. This guarantees that every member of the Group is dedicated day in, day out to satisfy the needs of their customers.



Meticulousness is a crucial value in the eyes of the Mauffrey Group since precision, accuracy and reliability are essential qualities in the transport business. Whether this means meeting delivery times, safety standards or project specifications, the Mauffrey Group’s staff understand the importance of taking a meticulous approach to everything they do, for both customers and colleagues.


Passionate about the different activities within the transport and logistics sector, the teams at the Mauffrey Group show their dedication on a daily basis to a job well done.
It is thanks to this dedication that, for more than 60 years, the Mauffrey Group has seen its various large-scale projects come to successful fruition and its employees develop professionally. Which all means greater quality of service for our customers!


Trust is reflected in the special relationships that we foster with our customers as well as in the relationships developed between the employees within the various companies of the Group. This is an essential value to which the Group attaches great importance because trust is a prerequisite for team cohesion, mutual respect and success.


The value of family is paramount and is conveyed through the investment our senior management puts into their teams and their presence on the ground but also through the employees who have a strong connection with the Group which they see as one big family.